Door-to-Door Service

SINAR MITRA PERSADA provides our Indonesian customers with using Singapore as a hub and consolidation services of their goods procured worldwide. We will then arrange to do the necessary port / airport clearance to our warehouse for temporary storage.
Goods will be consolidated and door to door service is arranged by sea and/or airfreight from Singapore to Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia. SINAR MITRA PERSAD handles all GSTs matters as goods are imported into Singapore by using our MES status for customs import clearance. GST is suspended during importation.


Upon re-export, our MES status is used for customs export clearance. GST is then cancelled. Customers will not be involved in the GST administration in Singapore.


Goods re-exported will be cleared from Indonesian port / airport by our nominated Indonesian customs broker and will be delivered direct to consignee door hassle FREE!

  • By Airfreight – Daily Flights
  • By Seafreight – Weekly Consolidations

Delivery times and rates are subject to locations in Indonesia. Let us know your product with Mode and place of delivery and we will promptly provide you with a quotation.

For more information or enquiries, feel free to contact us and we look forward to extending our services to you

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